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With the ever-advancing technologies in the field of dentistry, patients looking to address misalignment in their smile discreetly have more options now than ever. Within the past 15 years, innovative orthodontic treatments such as invisible braces and Invisalign® have become highly sought after over conventional methods due to the convenience and aesthetic benefits they provide.

At Relaxation Dental Spa, our leading dentist Dr. Norma Fox helps patients and their families residing throughout Montgomery County achieve more uniform, beautiful, and properly aligned smiles. 

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Straightening Your Smile with Invisible Braces from Dr. Norma Fox

Dr. Norma Fox begins your alignment treatment by performing a thorough examination of your current dental state with the help of our well-equipped in-office technology, such as digital x-rays and impressions. This allows her to gain a detailed understanding of your smile’s unique orthodontic needs. Once the condition of your smile is determined, Dr. Fox develops an effective plan with your health and comfort in mind.

Our Silver Spring dental practice offers convenient and discreet treatment with Invisalign® clear aligners. These virtually invisible braces consist of a series of trays crafted to fit your exact smile and are an ideal method for patients who would like to avoid metal braces altogether. Because the aligners are removable, patients can go about daily life unaltered, as eating, drinking, and oral hygiene routines may continue as normal.

However, if it is determined by Dr. Fox that more complex to severe misalignment or bite issues are present in your dental structure, she will recommend traditional braces. Conventional metal braces are still the most reliable method for treating and addressing advanced orthodontic issues.

Because Invisalign treatment requires patients to wear their aligners for up to 22 hours daily, responsible teens and adults will typically benefit the most from this form of treatment. 

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Long-Term Health Benefits of Smile Alignment Therapy

Orthodontics is designed to correct a multitude of dental complications, helping you achieve a beautiful smile while significantly improving oral health. Straighter teeth promote a healthy bite, minimizing the uneven wear on your detention. In knowing this, Dr. Fox is dedicated to improving your quality of life and your aesthetics by providing expert alignment services.

Determining Candidacy  

Clear aligners are best suited to those who have fully-developed smiles and routinely practice good oral hygiene. The treatment requires patients to wear their trays continuously and to switch them out for the next set as directed.

Patients who have previously undergone full braces treatments, but have noticed alignment relapse, are excellent candidates for Invisalign. When you want a more attractive smile for an important event such as a wedding or to enhance your professional interactions, our team works with you to determine the ideal solution.

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If your dental well-being is compromised by crooked teeth, gaps, or misalignment, Dr. Norma Fox’s orthodontic solutions will leave you with a smile you can be proud to show to the world. For more information on clear aligner treatment in Silver Spring or to schedule an appointment, call our office today!

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